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Keswick Vineyards Wedding Featured on Borrowed & Blue!

Katie and Patrick’s stunning wedding at Keswick Vineyards has been featured on Borrowed & Blue! I chose this image to shareView full post »

The 2015 Slideshow Recap

Yes, there is a recap of the recap! 2015 was broken into 6 separate blog posts, but we also put together an abridged recap. Sounds a littleView full post »

The 2015 Recap: The Final Post!!!

Many thanks to those of you who have followed along on our 2015 year in review! A special announcement for all 2015 clients can be found atView full post »

The 2015 Recap: Part 5!

Okay folks, we are almost to the end of 2015! Heading into fall with senior sessions, lots of family portraits, not to mention a couple ofView full post »

Another Blenheim Vineyards Wedding on Borrowed and Blue!

I guess when it rains it pours. I am so fortunate that in the past week, the fine folks over at Borrowed & Blue featured not one, butView full post »

Blenheim Vineyards Wedding Featured on Borrowed & Blue!

Two weddings featured on Borrowed & Blue in one week! This time, it’s Nicole and Scott, whose wedding can now be seen on theView full post »

The 2015 Recap Continues!

So much goodness here! Beautiful interiors (most of which will be featured in publications this year), spectacular weddings, babies, and ifView full post »

Featured on Borrowed & Blue!

Megan and Drew’s King Family Vineyard wedding has been featured on Borrowed & Blue!View full post »

The Best of 2015: Part TWO !

Part Deux of the 2015 recap includes engagement sessions, a home wedding, portraits, interiors and an amazingly fun styled shoot Robert hadView full post »

Best of 2015: Part One

Hello and welcome to my recap of 2015! I thought last year was going to be the year I managed to blog on a regular basis, but guess what?View full post »