Dawna and Jon: September 2012

All weddings are special but perhaps this one is more so for me personally because the bride is my awesome sister-in-law. This wedding was the whole package: elegant, fun, sentimental and joyful.   As my wife has said, everyone was beaming, not just the bride and groom. There is something to be said about second weddings. The couples tend to be a little older and there is more history to their story. No details here, but let’s just say that all of us who know and love Dawna, wanted nothing more than for her to find just the right guy. It took a while (close to 17 years), but she did just that. Jon is her rock and together they exemplify all that should be sought after in a happy, solid relationship.

Dawna and Jon chose to do something a little different for their ceremony. They asked their good friend Dia, who is not a minister but became ordained, to officiate their ceremony. She did an amazing job and had everyone in tears most of the time, whether it was from laughter or pure emotional joy. Here are a few excerpts from Dia’s thoughtful sermon:

“This marriage is not just uniting two people, Dawna and Jon are so accomplished and well revered that this union extends beyond them. This marriage brings together the Damrens a sprawling clan full of merriment and love, with the Clarkes, a tight knit unit of unwavering support and fierce loyalty.”

“This marriage unites Dawna, a woman whose kindness, gentleness, thoughtfulness and generosity is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met, with the only man I know who comes close to deserving her. And Jon, a man so loving, warm, affectionate and honorable that it is impossible to deny that Dawna is his perfect match.”

“This Brady-bunch-esque merging of families shares a deep loyalty, even in the face of inconvenience. A humor that knows no bounds and a spirituality that welcomes all and denigrates none. These two people personify what it means to be the best of humanity.”

“I have known Dawna and Josh for over a dozen years, and I’ve lived with them for the last 6. I know them as well as anyone can know people that they love and see most every day. Josh is so much a nephew to me that when we meet people and they hear me introduce him as such, I am confused at their confusion and then I remember that we don’t look alike…he’s much taller.”

“I have known Jon and Brittany for a little over 4 years now. And I consider Brittany to be a niece, down to my embarrassing questions about her love life, grades and future plans. The clear love and joy that the Damren’s have for Dawna and Josh, I hope will bring a high measure of comfort for the Clarke family.”

The beauty of this wedding was in its big, giant collective heart.  I am really very grateful I had the honor of documenting this day. Please enjoy a few photos from their wedding which took place at the Home Hill Inn, in Plainfield, NH.

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